Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!

Benefits And Side Effects Of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!

Before talking about the Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin, first, let us know what actually melatonin is. Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland and plays a number of roles in your body.

It is a pea-sized gland just above the middle of our brain. It basically helps your body to know when its time to sleep and wake-up.

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin play a vital role in our daily life. Normally your body makes more melatonin during night time. It is available in some food item and pills.

What does it do?

It is safe to know the Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin because it may react to your body in some of the other ways.

It is most useful in sleep disorders, however, it’s generally taken to reduce problem falling asleep or staying asleep. Levels typically begin to increase up in the evening once the sun sets.

They call in the morning once the sun goes up. The dose of melatonin ranges from 1mg to 10mg. Pure melatonin is often sold as pill, capsule and it is also available in liquid form.

Melatonin regulates sleep and wakefulness. It prevents Jet Lag,  adjusts sleep cycles and works schedule changes. Its primary function is to treat sleep disorders.

Melatonin keeps a check on night and day cycles. You may find melatonin in natural or synthetic form. Initially, melatonin was extracted from cow pineal glands.

Below we will look at melatonin’s role in the human body along with Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin.

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin

Benefits of Melatonin

Trouble falling asleep:

Taking melatonin reduces the time needed to fall asleep in young adults and children who face problems in falling asleep.

Improves Sleep Quality:

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!
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Melatonin helps insomnia patients to sleep quicker, longer and deeper with comfort. It reduces patients dependence on drugs without any major side effect.

In patients with insomnia, melatonin is lower as compared to people with normal health. Adolescents with these type of disabilities other central nervous system disorders also take melatonin.

Melatonin Helps With Jet Lag:

Circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSD) are disorders that occur when the circadian system does not work properly due to jet lag or shift work.

It causes a pattern of sleep disturbance. Melatonin supplements can shift the phase of the circadian rhythm and humans which reduces jet lag.

Sleep Anxiety and Depression:

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!

Melatonin helps in sleep anxiety and depression along with sleep disturbances. Many of us face sleep anxiety and depression which can be reduced by taking melatonin a considerable amount.

Melatonin maintains sleep regulation and depression in patients with delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Melatonin protects the brain:

It not only reduces stress and inflammation in your brain but also increases and strengthen the blood-brain barrier. It also protects nerve cells and makes sure that you do not face any mental stress.

Melatonin activates a brain-derived neuro factor protein also known as BDNF which is responsible for its well-being and regeneration.

High Blood pressure:

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!
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Melatonin is very useful for high blood pressure patients. Taking an advisable amount of melatonin before sleeping helps to lower your blood pressure.

At the same time when your blood pressure is controlled you feel more relaxed and calm.

Memory Loss:

Melatonin plays an important role when it comes to memory loss patients. Most of the research shows that taking melatonin reduces anxiety restlessness and stress and prevents memory loss at the same time.

Because melatonin level increases when the sun goes down so it helps more at that time.

Melatonin protects against Diabetes:

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!

Melatonin acts as an alarm clock and changes the insulin level with the changing time of the day. It is very important for insulin balance.

Even just one sleepless night can cause insulin resistance which can disturb your metabolism. Moreover, it protects insulin-producing cells in the pancreas from death.

Melatonin Helps in Cancer:

In a study there comes out a fact that cancer patients have less melatonin level as healthy people. Melatonin’s anti-cancer effect is due to its ability to improve the immune system.

It stimulates several types of immune cells. Melatonin interferes with cancer cells’ energy processes. It blocks cancer cell growth and resists their ability to invade.

Melatonin helps in Eye Health and Vision:

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!

Light influences melatonin production, while the cells that in reverse react to light produce melatonin. The more light there is, the fewer melatonin cells produce in the eye.

Melatonin is important for normal eye health. It also protects human cells that make eye pigment from cell death.


Applying melatonin on the skin before sun exposures prevent sunburn. It protects our body from undesirable sun rays.



Side Effects Of Melatonin

Unsafe during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Melatonin is unsafe when consumed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Melatonin may affect the ovulation process and it may become difficult during the first three months.

While breastfeeding melatonin directly affects your baby. So it is adviced not to take melatonin during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

A headache:

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!
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Most medicines have a common side effect “a headache” so as melatonin. When we take a new supplement it takes time to adjust and react differently in our body.

A headache is a very common side effect which normally everybody suffers when some new medicines are taken.


The biggest side effect that comes because of melatonin is drowsiness. The feeling of not wanting to get up is often associated with sleep aids.

Daytime Sleepiness:

Sleepiness may not be called a side effect but as we talk about melatonin, it causes undesirable sleepiness sometimes.

As a sleep aid, melatonin supplements are advised to be taken in the evening because when the sun goes down it works more effectively.

Decreased Body Temperature:

Melatonin causes a drop in the body temperature. This can be a side effect but generally not a very serious problem. It can be different for the people who have difficulty in keeping warm.

Stomach Pain:

Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin: Truth You Need To Know!
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Very Common side effects of medicines are stomach pain. It arises when sometimes melatonin level is increased or reduced in your body due to some reasons.

But as doctors say there is nothing to worry because when we take a new supplement it takes time to adjust in our body which results in different reactions.

The above Benefits and Side Effects of Melatonin will help you further in future while taking melatonin supplements.





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